Civic Education Past Questions

 The ability to work together towards a shared aim or goal is called____





HIV is the acronym for human ____

(a)Immune Virus

(b)Immune-Deficiency Virus

(c)Immunity Virus

(d)Immunization Virus

“Freedom to act as one pleases, but within the law described as ____ “

(a)Citizen’s responsibility

(b)Civic responsibility


(d)Human right

“Inter-communal relationship which exists among groups that_____ social interest in a given area, or place”





The ability that helps individuals to handle object skilful in order to produce something new is called______ skill





The inculcation of the awareness of the individual’s right and duties is derived from ____

(a)Civic education


(c)political science

(d)Social study

The right to vote and be voted for is classified under____ right.





The three component parts that gave birth to the present Nigeria in 1914 were

(a)Calabar, Lagos colon and northern

(b)Midwest, south-west and eastern region

(c)Northern and southern protectorates

(d)Northern, southern and western region

Inter-communal relationship can occur at all these levels. Except





Interpersonal relationship can take any of these forms. Except





An election conducted to fill a vacant seat in the legislative chamber is called______ 





The closest authority to the people at the grassroots in Nigeria is the______ government





The right to freedom of association and freedom of movement fall into the category of____ right





An election conducted to determine a winner after a general election is known as______ election





The rights of Nigeria citizens are articulate in a document known as ____

(a)Bill of right

(b)Code of conduct


(d)Law reform

Negative attitudes directed at people living with HIV/AIDS by the society can be described as





A self reliant person can be said to be ___




(d)Self employed

Any attempt to remove a government through illegal means is called ____





The present constitution of Nigeria came into operation in ____





Woman Trafficking and Child Eradication Foundation (WOTCLEF) was established by______ in 1999.

(a)Amina Titi Abubakar

(b)Dame Patience Jonathan

(c)Fati Abubakar

(d)Stella Obasanjo

Franchise can be described as the political right to ___

(a)Belong to political party

(b)Contest an election

(c)Own property

(d)Vote and be voted for   

“In a democracy, political contest can be restricted on the basis of”





Human right can be grouped into_____ divisions





“In a democracy, power belongs to ____





The greatest hindrance to Nigeria ____
(a)20th July 2014

(b)20th August 2014

(c)20th June 2014

(d)21st July 2014

Which month was Nigeria declared EBOLA free by the world health organization

(a)June, 2014

(b)July, 2014

(c)August, 2014

(d)October, 2014

Constitutionalism is synonymous with _____

(a)Autocratic government

(b)check and balance

(c)Delegated legislation

(d)Supremacy of law

Ebola disease was brought to Nigeria by Liberian called ___

(a)Abraham Sawyer

(b)Patrick Abraham

(c)Patrick sawyer

(d)Sawyer Paul 

“Checks and balances, violate the principles of”




(d)Separation of power

The National Directorate of Employment (NDE) was established in November





Which of the following is not a skill for resolving inter-communal conflicts

(a)Community leader




Human trafficking can result in the following. Except





The following are the cause of human trafficking. Except




(d)Low self-esteem

The average of Nigeria political office holder spends a minimum of______ years





The characteristics of representative democracy include all. Except

(a)Arbitrary rule

(b)Multi-party system

(c)Respect for human right

(d)Right of choice

“The following are forms of electoral malpractice, except “

(a)Fake ballot paper

(b)Financial inducement


(d)over-age voting

The notion of equality before the law is based on the idea that the law

(a)Frowns at equality of citizens

(b)Has double face

(c)Is a respecter of the president’s office

(d)Is not a respecter of person

Which of the following is not responsible for cult activities in schools and colleges?

(a)perceived injustice

(b)satisfaction of membership aspirations

(c)personal protection

(d)preservation of cultural heritage

Drugs abuse often leads to _____

(a)sexually transmitted diseases

(b)cancerous illness

(c)psychiatic disorder

(d)incurable ailment

Use of hard drugs could best be curtailed through





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